Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Injection Course

Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Injection Course

Cost: £1000

Duration: 2 days

Pre-requisites: This is the course for those of you who have completed our Beginner Anti Wrinkle training either as a standalone course or as a part of a bundle like the Fast Track to Aesthetics course.

The advanced course will assist students in developing a much deeper, knowledgeable input into the field of anti-wrinkle procedures and will equip them with the practical skills required to enhance their treatment list to cover more advanced areas of the face and body.

Areas included:

  • Brow Lift
  • Gummy Smile
  • Smokers Lines
  • Downturned Mouth
  • Jawline ·Bunny Lines
  • Pebbled/Dimpled Chin
  • Turkey Neck
  • Underarm Sweat Reduction
  • Jelly Roll

Course content:

  • Signs of ageing & how to treat
  • Pre and post treatment procedures
  • Injection protocol and techniques
  • Pain management protocols
  • Product knowledge
  • Treatment procedure
  • Results and managing expectations
  • Aftercare advice
  • Treatment planning and pricing