Fat Dissolving Training Course

Fat Dissolving Training Course

unlike many other providers, we provide a combined course allowing you to learn how carry out fat dissolving with aqualyx and also deso (face & body) whilst using a range of different injection techniques. our nurse trainer will tailor your training based on your previous experience in the industry. which we believe students progress more as they learn techniques for each area. this means that you will be trained to work on all face and body areas, not just the one or two areas that some providers train you for with just the basic option. we also do not separate the basic and advanced courses like most providers, as this increases the cost of the complete, combined course. by offering a basic & advanced combined course we train our learners to work with all areas whilst saving them time and money.

What’s so special about training with us?

you will be trained by registered medical backgrounds with extensive years of experience with the nhs and aesthetics industry.

  • our teachers are regulated and trained to teach
  • this course is fully approved & accredited
  • we will organize insurance quotes for you
  • we have prescriber nurses for your to use if required
  • we have trained some of the most successful and well-known practitioners in our industry (and even a lot of training academy owners)

we follow strict standards and regulations so you are taught to the highest standard