Hip and Buttock Dip Dermal Filler (BBL)

Hip and Buttock Dip Dermal Filler (BBL)

Cost: £899

Duration: 1 day

Prerequisites: Foundation dermal filler qualification or a medical qualification

Brazilian Butt lift is currently, one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Take advantage of this ever growing market with our one day intensive course.

As with any body sculpting procedure, you want to ensure that every injection is applied to the area with skill and knowledge of muscle and body structure, so the appearance you want is achieved. Hyaluronic acid body filler is used to add volume to the area and create a more sculpted, rounded and lifted appearance to the buttocks.

Hyaluronic acid has been used in medicine for a long time and over many years has proven to have an excellent safety property. HA in its natural form, remains in the tissue for only a short amount of time, because of enzymatic degradation and free radical metabolism.

Our comprehensive one-day hands-on Brazilian Butt Lift training course teaches our trainee’s:

  • Injection techniques
  • Safety and efficiency issues
  • Management and treatment of complications
  • Cannula techniques
  • Lidocaine application
  • And much more

With a demonstration and hands-on practice sessions explaining procedures and techniques will provide you with knowledge and ultimately prepare you to carry out the procedure with confidence and expertise.

STUDENTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO BRING THEIR OWN MODEL. Models will receive 40ml filler free for the purposes of student practical experience.